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The Little Mermaid Kids Deluxe Packs

The Little Mermaid Kids Deluxe Packs

The Little Mermaid Kids Deluxe Packs

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The Little Mermaid Kids Deluxe Packs

What is included?


🐚 Pricing is a quantity of 1 pack. Please adjust quantity to number of books needed. 

🐠  Coloring Book, 10 pages of coloring (double sided so makes 5 pages), 2 of the 10 pages are personalized with age and initial. 
- Size 5” (w) x 7” (l)
-Covers are printed on a glossy photo paper.

🧜‍♀️  Custom mermaid tail crayon  

🌊  4 regular crayons

🐙   personalized sticker 

-Books are binded with hard plastic binding. 

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Amazing products and even more amazing customer service! She is the best! I would highly recommend to anyone!

Sarah Ryan-Curry

Amazing service, and great quality! I loved how everything I ordered for my sons first birthday party came out and I have already started this year for my sons second birthday! Thank you!!!

Britny Stephens

I just received my son’s 1st bday onesie and it’s amazing. The service and quality provided was excellent. Highly recommend

Mayra Moreno
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